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The Virtuagirl Galleries For Sexy Female Strippers, Hot Babes, 3D Girls & The Finest European Girls!

Striptease Archives

Hot Babes That Want To Get Naked!

These Virtuagirls are flawless super hot girls from Europe with the most amazing bodies and just want to take their clothes off for you right now.

Watch Sexy Girls Strip In Live 3D

See stunning girls strip off their clothes like never before.

Jana Cova - Lust

If you do not already know who Jana Cova is every fan who has seen Jana Cova will tell you that she is a hardcore xxx porn film actress as the response… All fans and people who see her for the first time perform in sex acts always ask who is that sexy girl and always want more from this adorable blonde Czech goddess.

Now through Planet Sexy Strip you can see her in a whole new way, showing off her playful personality and pornstar super sexy body as she romantically dances her way into your trousers! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 30/24/31, BLOND, European

Alexandra - Sex trip

Alexandra, she is blonde babe and a stunning model from Budapest with stripper moves and energy unlike anything they’ve ever seen before! Her trendy look is perhaps the better answer to Lady GaGa and this girl definetly has talent that you need to see when she strip fully naked for you showing you her very tasty big boobs.

It looks like all the finest girls are coming from Budapest these days, must be something in the water they drink that makes them look so stunning! — HUNGARY, 33/24/33, Striptease act includes: Lingerie, Stockings, High Heels, Shaved, Big Boobs, Blond, European

Susan - Snack time

Susan is probably dressed in the ultimate piece of clothing that any guy would want a girl to be in and strip off for his viewing pleasure and that is a sexy skirt. She smiles and her eyes sparkle as she changes costumes between her performances because she is a twenty year old Babe who loves knowing that you are watching her and wanting her to be with you.

For Susan it’s all about being wanted and you can get her to perform her naughty striptease number and show you her stunning body, great pussy and small boobs! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 32/24/35, BRUNETTE, European

Diana Doll - Black moon

We are covering the sexy Diana Doll again as she is such a gorgeous blonde MILF. Being a European girl and a well known pornstar she will definetely have you begging on your knees for her to get naked again.

If you have seen her in hardcore porn movies you will know that she has a very sexy body, great boobs and a pink pussy that you would want to eat out all day! — SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic), 33/24/33, BLOND, European girl, sexy body, high heels, classy striptease, milf

Krystel - Guava Drink

Although sexy white girls have a very good coverage we have digged this award winning exotic dancer, who is a proud and very sexy black female stripper. Krystel is as smooth as black velvet, as dark as midnight and as sweet as milk-chocolate. To watch her dance is to see the way she can melt your heart with a few subtle movements and sexy poses!

She is a refreshing breath of air away from the big booty and boobs porn girls as you can see she is toned, very sexy and in the mood of getting naked to show off her gorgeous black body — MAURITIUS, 33/25/33, SEXY BRUNETTE, Black girl, fully shaven pussy, classy striptease

Monica Scott - School ball

If you remember your high school or college days you will always have known a very sexy girl that always dressed in an elegant and sexy fashion and you always wanted to get her naked. This hot Czech girl is just the medicine you need as she does a very delicious striptease looking very very sexy and classy.

Wearing a very expensive pearl necklace, small zebra printed dress and sexy high heels you will probably cum before she even takes off her clothes. Monica Scott is a very flexible performer. Not only because she can get both of her feet behind her head in a sitting position, but also because she is able to transform herself in each routine as she changes her personality to fit the costume and character she is being asked to evoke.

Even after you’ve seen Monica totally naked, somehow there is still more to the mystery! We will tell you this much that she has a body to die for and the most beautiful toned legs that you will want to see — CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/24/35, BLOND, European girl with fully shaven pussy and pert small boobs

See The Pink Of The Gorgeous Pornstar Diana Doll - Pink Mansion Striptease

diana doll pink mansion striptease

You may recognize the world famous Pornstar Diana Doll in her first online pornstar striptease performance!

She is dressed in seductive sexy lingerie, wearing slutty fishnet stockings and black high heel - but it is her stunning beauty that makes her clothes look good and you will want to see her fully naked and see her perfect small boobs and pornstar pink pussy!

This hardcore blonde girl starlet from Slovakia is a 32 year old blonde MILF with plenty of confidence and a body that won’t ever quit. She can dance and perform stripease shows for hours! — SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic), 33/24/33, BLONDE, European girl, fully shaven pussy, has sexy tattoos

Russia With Love? Well you will be with this stunning Russina Blonde, Ellen - Hot Classy Striptease

You probably day dream about her all the time… Your fantasies are probably based on you seeing a very hot blonde girl dressed in the most sexiest dress and high heels showing the most gorgoues legs while walking down the stairs of a 5 star hotel. You approach this girl and it is instant chemistry and with uttering a single word, your hand goes around her waist while looking into her eyes you communicate everything you want her to know…..

….and then you wake up! Its a dream!

However it does not have to be a dream because we have a stunning Russian girl, Ellen, who will do a classy striptease for you and you will notice that there is something about Ellen’s lips that draws your eye to them from any angle. So soft and supple, when she starts to smile and makes this naughty smirk instead your heart will flutter and your mind will race away full of desires and dirty thoughts. She wears the brightest red lipstick and somehow it always looks so great on her making you remember her in your dreams! — RUSSIA, 34/24/34, BLOND, European girl, fully shaven pussy, small boobs

German Female Stripper Shabba Wants To Give Fitness Lesson And Get Naked

Since our scouts are always on the lookout for new talent and when we started seeing more requests for German professional female strippers, we knew importing the hot German babe pole dancer Shabba from Cologne Germany would have all striptease fanatics smiling with every shake of her sexy ass!

In this striptease and pole dance act of the sexy red head Shabba, see her take off her gym clothes to show you her beautiflly toned athletic body, small boobs, tight pussy and for all you foot lovers see her sexy naked feet in action!

— GERMANY, 37/23/34, RED HAIR, European girl

Stunning Red Head Teen Girl Ariel - Gets Naked In Pink Disco Dress

Scarlet-haired vixen Ariel Piperfawn is not the typical model, as she like to live on the edge and try out new thing, especially sexually! Ariel is the kind of teen girls who is wild and someone who always decides do things her way or no way. Being a Czech girl unlike other European girls she is a sex addict and loves to get naked and to keep her cravings at bay this sexy teen girl is also a part-time stripper at her local high end Prague strip club. That’s one reason why this fiery red head is here dressed in her sexy outgoing pink disco outfit and red high heel boots because she wants to show you how wild she can be!

– CZECH REPUBLIC, 30/26/33, RED HAIR, European girl, enjoys lots of attention and likes to meet horny guys get erections when she does her stripper performances at strip clubs and likes to see their jaws drop in excitment when they see her naked especially her pert small boobs and wet fully shaven pussy!

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